Chapter 2. Shipwreck.

– 373 days. A shipwreck was found on the east coast of the Golden Sea. Early morning, just after sunrise. The waves in steady pace after a chaotic night. A chilling breeze rising from the ocean, just like every other morning. The sun radiating some warmth, awakening the horses on patrol. It’s still early, but […]

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Chapter 1.

At 373 days. Sand, waves, wind. All motion lay low. No life at sight where moisture and draught meet. The coast of the Gold Sea will not see colours today.  Day three hundred and seventy-three. A dark dusty smog hung in the air. Not too far from where once a beach was patrolled routinely, lay […]

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Silent rain

There is a silent rain outside my window. You can’t hear it. Its the darkness that gave it away. 20°C, and it feels rather cool. On opening the window, its all silent. The wind is silent, just a subtle motion of tree branches and leaves. The car park is silent, surrounded by moist roads and […]

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Home. Its a combination of things. Memories, shelter, safety… Warmth, comfort, cosiness… A sense of belonging. Arriving to the presence of company… Friends, family, pets, love and care… A home is welcoming, a place to reside in peace. We create our home. My home, is where I am immersed with the love of my parents. […]

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Morning cleanse

A glimpse of something special arises from across the horizon. A stream of warm colours emerge from below. Its warmth is different from the cooling warmth spread by its friend, Pearl. The sky cautiously brightens, reassured by the radiant glow rising even higher now. Although, arriving alone, a generous welcome awaits. The earth’s mirror glistens with […]

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Bed time cleanse.

As I lay my head on a soft pillow, coated with the scent of fresh laundry. I sense my mums warmth, her love and care, snuggling me even deeper into my bed. I feel like I’m sinking into a cloud of feathers. Soft and warm, slowly I settle into a dreamy wave of comfort and […]

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Goals. Goals are something to look forward to. Sometimes you find yourself overwhelmed with life. Or on the contrary you feel let down. Might have lost motivation? Or Maybe have no motivation? Setting goals simplifies things. Today, we are surrounded by so much chaos. That is: our busy life styles, direct surroundings and even in […]

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Self Reflection and Encouragement

Now back to Self reflection. You need to feel good about yourself. Be proud of your achievements. Celebrate! Acknowledge your hard work. Life is not a book, you learn as you go. You are not an experiment, don’t put a grade on your efforts, don’t let others determine what you are capable off. What you […]

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Be Positive Emotionally & Physically.

After a long day at work, uni, college, school, or anything else you have been up to, a lot has happened. May that be from dragging your way through the crowd just to get on the tube or an intense day at uni completing course work. Subconsciously, all that tension builds up and may lead to negative emotions, actions, feelings of discomfort and pain. Yes- […]

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